Unflinching in Pursuit of
a Life Worth Living,

“Without a Spare is a series of interlinking, autobiographical stories of Bonnie Kassel’s adventures around the globe. In them, Ms. Kassel shares friendships, cultures, cuisines, and herself. Less a travel guide and more a personal journey, Ms. Kassel delivers deep meaning without being deep, demonstrates courage without shirking fear, and offers a glimpse of greater understanding without preaching or teaching. As the author learns how to travel, she also learns what it means to be unflinching in the pursuit of a life worth living.

Simply said, I loved this book. Well written, honest, and engaging, Without a Spare transformed an ordinary weekend into an adventure around the world and into myself. Ms. Kassel’s willingness to share her story without apology inspired me not only to travel, but to be brave and open in everyday life.

Without a Spare is in turns thought provoking and entertaining, Ms. Kassel invites the reader to share in her discoveries, friendships, loves, and trauma with a lighthearted touch, a fair dose of humor, and an appreciation of all things living.

When Kassel said, “It is impossible to remain alone for long when you are traveling in out-of-the-way places,” she was referring to one of her trips to India where she ended up wading through mangroves faster than she could say, “Where do you find high, rubber boots?” In this passage, as in many others, her statement revealed a larger truth. When we dare to defy convention, be ourselves, and trust, we create a life worth living. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in what it means to truly live.


Destiny Allison, Artist and Author of Shaping Destiny