A Picture Is Worth . . . 1000 Words


Colonial Carribean

I spent a summer house sitting for my friend Xila in Bodrum, Turkey. During that time I became friendly with many of the charter boat owners along the marina and I got the idea to organize sailing and food tours to “places of historic significance with distinctive regional cuisines.” My brother’s girlfriend Kristen came up with the name The Adventurous Appetite, and suggested a trip to what we’ve always referred to as the Colonial Caribbean. Kristen knew a couple who’d spent a year sailing from Florida to Venezuela, and when we called to ask their favorite island, without a moment’s hesitation the wife said, “Bequia”. . . Read More


I found this photo between two pieces of cardboard in a pale gray envelope on the bottom of a storage basket filled with boxes of slides. I don’t remember ever seeing it before, but the moment captured is vivid, as is all that followed . . . Read More

Words To Come

House Rental In Oaxaca
Renting a house while on vacation is one of the best ways to learn about a foreign country and to become part of the local community. But when we stopped on a potholed dirt road and two large doors set in a high stone stone swung open, an unconscious "wow" slipped from our lips . . .

My friend Xila can get off a plane after flying for twenty-hours, check into a hotel, change her clothes, and be ready to go out for dinner within an hour of landing. All I ever want to do is go to bed and sleep late in the morning. So it was OK that I would arrive in Goa two days before her . .